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Hoban Law Practice Areas - Cannabis Law

June 19, 2020

Banking & Finance

HLG’s comprehensive command of the cannabis sector’s landscape, laws, and institutional players enables our firm to provide world-class banking services access, financing and lending alternatives, and financial distress relief.

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Throughout all phases of the business life cycle, from idea to exit, there are numerous phases and facets that “cannabusinesses” must maneuver to manage growth and risk to achieve success in the industry while navigating the various challenges and nuances of the space. Hoban Law Group possesses decades of experience working on the nation’s most significant transactions in the cannabis space.

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Government & Policy

Governmental bodies responsible for implementing new laws, rules, and regulations for the cannabis industry – both hemp and marijuana – face the daunting task of creating a system from scratch that will meet all of their constituents’ unique needs. Whether in the conception, drafting, implementation, enforcement, evolution, or any other stage of governing regulated cannabis, we have expert attorneys available to provide a full suite of legal, policy, and advisory services to assist governmental bodies with the development and implementation of laws and regulations governing programs for medical marijuana, adult-use marijuana, and hemp. Crafting effective policy-making requires institutional knowledge that few possess.

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In the hemp industry, lawyers are not just lawyers, they are the institutional knowledge of the industry. While the global market for hemp has grown tremendously over the past decade, the constantly evolving nexus of law, regulations, and policy requires experienced counsel to help you navigate this nascent industry.

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HLG Global

HLG Global is comprised of various single attorneys and partner law firms in strategic locations around the world. HLG Global has also identified groups of accountants, bankers, consultants and other professional service providers that can provide full-service solutions to cannabis industry companies seeking to obtain licensure, expand, and/or create ventures in all cannabis-friendly markets around the world.

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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is more than the sum of its parts. While product development and marketing represent some of the largest costs for cannabis companies, cannabis products are easily copied by unscrupulous competitors. The role of intellectual property (patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrights) is therefore critical to the success of cannabusinesses.

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A number of disputes can arise at nearly every stage of a company’s growth. Regardless of the legal challenges your company may currently face, HLG’s experienced litigators are the trusted advocate you can depend upon to meet those challenges and protect your business.

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Since 2008, and in every legalized marijuana jurisdiction, the Hoban Law Group has won and helped fortify cultivation, processing, and dispensing licenses. From industry titan multi-state operators to start-ups through clinical registrants, HLG’s approach to obtaining licenses integrates all 4 cannabis enterprise stages: Formation; Application; Operation; and Exit.

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Real Estate

Identifying and acquiring suitable real estate is a core concern for the preparation, planning, and execution of brick-and-mortar cannabusinesses and supply chain operators. HLG real estate attorneys bring extensive knowledge and decades of experience in representing borrowers, developers, owners, and financial institutions in all areas of real estate law. Our team focuses specifically on real estate acquisitions and financing; land use and zoning; and real estate litigation.

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Taxation is complicated and the legal issues arising from tax problems can be confusing, and costly.

HLG attorneys have the specialized experience, knowledge, and expertise to comprehensively handle cannabusiness tax matters at the federal, state, county, and city levels, including tax planning, reporting and compliance, audit, administrative controversy, civil and criminal litigation, and collection aspects,

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